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ShadyBlade-TrueWolf has started a donation pool!
140 / 4,000
I figured that I should start a donation pool ... It would help me save up for a tablet D: or a premium membership. I would be willing to do art for people you contribute.

5 or less: A sketch

10: A traditionally colored pic.

20: An easy digitally colored pic or big traditional one.

50 or more: a full digital colored pic or anything of choice.

Sorry if I'm slow to get the pictures done or submitted cause I don't get much computer time. But thank you for contributors! It really means a lot to me! ^///^

Thanks! :hug:

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United States
Welcome to my profile, viewers! :)

I want to start by saying, that a reason I joined DeviantArt is because everyone here has the same reason for signing up on this website ... ART! :) Art is my life (most of it anyways) and I will always cherish it forever and ever ... It makes me so happy to be able to show others my talent and discover theirs as well. I want to make friends with fellow artists and support them in any way I can. ^^

For a long time, I only used to draw animals. About two years ago (I think ...Lost count) I started getting into Anime/Manga and decided to try drawing humans and such. Ever since then, I've been doing Anime and I'm pretty happy with my progress (hate looking at my old old drawings XD). However, I am still pushing on getting better and better and I am learning from a lot of great artists on this site. :) I'd appreciate pointers and comments. I am always open to advice (please don't hesitate!).

Anyways, let's get to a little more about me! :smile: I was always a pretender and a story-maker. I've had characters since who knows when. ^^ I have a whole bunch ... I haven't shared any info about them or submitted any pictures of them yet, but I'm planning to soon. Most of them are teen wolf anthros. I can't wait to share more info and stories about them.

I am also a writer. Again, I'm also improving, but I do have a bundle of old literature I did. I haven't written anything in a long time (I'm trying to work on a Zelda FanFiction) and am hoping I will come out with a whole bunch of new chapters. I have an account on, but don't bother looking cause I don't have anything up yet. X)

Yes, I AM A ZELDA FAN! :squee: I've always liked Zelda since I was younger (can't even remember the first time I saw or heard about it), but I only began paying more attention to it recently (my brothers and sisters helped with that). I got the Twilight Princess and fell in love. :love: Then we got the Zelda Mangas and that sparked my interest even more! So here is where I am now ... I love Link (always did, baby!) and the Four Swords (irresistible). My favorite character (besides OOT Link and TP Link) is Shadow Link (from the Four Swords....not Dark Link even though he's still cool)! The Manga helped with that. Most of my art will probably have him in it. ^^ I play as him a lot (my sis being Vaati or Vio). Red is also one of my favs (Vio's awwwwesome! ^^). I'm not a crazzzzed Yaoi fan :whistle: ... I just got used to it and some pics are cute. So I do like doing pairings sometimes (my favs being with ShadowxVio/Vaati)... Just gonna say it one more time I LOVE SHADOW LINK! :D I am so open to doing role-plays with whoever wants to.

Other interests are:

Wolves: they are my absolute favorite animal! Wanna make me happy, give me a wolf. XD

Music: Grew up in a musical family, so how couldn't I love music. Someone might ask what my favorite artists or genres are, but honestly, all I'll say is it all depends on my mood. Ranging from Three Days Grace, to Brittany Spears, to Jack Johnson, to other pop artists, to just plain old Movie Themes. :) Music moves me and I usually draw better with it on (I really don't ever draw without music). I play the cello, piano (teach myself), tin whistle, and currently practicing guitar. :) I also love to sing and dance.

I love nature and being outside... I love to bake things (especially cookies and cakes :D) I am a role-player (do it everyday ... literally...) and I have a big imagination and a huge heart ... I daydream a lot ... I space out. XD Japanese culture and food is my favorite! I don't like to pretend I'm someone I'm not ... I always try to stay true to myself.

WILL DO COMMISSIONS! I am so open to doing them, in fact I hope that people will ask. I may be slow (depending on the situations), but I love doing them. If you want an OC, a fan art, WHATEVER. I'm open to all (please don't make me draw anything foreseen okay...).

I AM SORRY if I do not thank you for Watches, Favs, or Badges! :tears: I always acknowledge them, I just can't always reply. I AM ALWAYS THANKFUL FOR THE ABOVE! I love support; always open to it. ^^;

So far I am pretty happy with all the friends I've made so far :)

Sister: :iconviolink-vaati:

Good DA friends: :iconshazaria: :iconshadowfelis: :iconsugaryxjester: :iconkiddygal:

BEST cousin ^^: :iconkitchenkitten:

Real Friends: :iconhellohellokiitty: :iconhylianhazzard:

I will try to post as many things as I can on here. I am a passionate artist, but I don't always have sufficient computer time to do much digital artwork (I have done it numerous of time though ...). I am wishing and hoping to get a tablet. :tears: I use Photoshop for digital artwork. I usually prefer digi art buuuuut, that doesn't always happen. :/ So I'll always try to make my traditional artwork nice and pretty. :)

Thank you so much for visiting my profile! :huggle: It means a lot to me. I really hope that I will come to know more artist and make lots of new friends. I want to learn to become a better artist and I think the best to way to do it will be learning from YOU. ;) So again, don't hesitate to give me tips. Sorry if I'm a constant question asker :poke:. XD Very inquisitive ... I look forward to a good future on this site. Domo Arigato and SAYONARA! :wave:


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I just wanted to let all my followers and comissioners know that I will be able to come back to my account someday maybe soon(I don't know when yet). So you'll all have to wait for me and be patient ... I'm not dead and I have a WHOLE bunch of new art that needs to be submitted by myself. ^^ So hang in there!

That, and if any of you are interested, I've made an Ask-ShadowLink account on tumblr called The Shadow Chateau: You can ask any questions if you wish to hear from Shadow Link. :3

Thank you all for your support. I hope to see you again soon!

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